Car Pressure Monitoring System


Get four little sensors that all attach to your tires, allowing you to monitor your tire pressure throughout your ride. If you live in an area where winter becomes harsh and unforgiving, you’ll need a helping hand to optimize vehicle performance and give you the most efficient MPG (which is very reliant on your tire pressure). On top of that, the display hub sits comfortably in your cabin and is also solar powered. You’ll never have to worry about throwing batteries in, it just hangs there and tells you when it detects a leak, when the pressure is low, or when a sensor has run out of charge and needs to be tended to. As one of the best car gadgets to maintain your vehicle’s prosperity.


  • Includes four small sensors that stick to your tires, and a solar-powered hub
  • Alerts you of a fast leak in your tires
  • Prolongs your tire life and prevents the need for roadside assistance
  • Digital backlit screen for simplistic monitoring



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