How to Repair Door Armrest Leather Cover For Cars

You’re probably thinking of replacing your door’s armrest cover. My door armrest was starting to bubble. This was most likely done by my dog. Let me tell you how I fixed this issue . So First you need these items the replacement cover.

Get the right color for your car. – I tried both real leather and synthetic leather for my center armrest pad . – The synthetic leather felt and looked a lot better. an fabric adhesive spray – this is to make the leather cover stick to the armrest. once again, link on the bottom or you can find one of these at Home Depot or Amazon Tools – all you need is a Plus and Minus screwdriver Many clips – I bought ~30 of them.

They were $0.37 at Home Depot. This one’s optional but If you want to change the interior light to something brighter, you can buy a 194 bulb.

Following are the Steps To Repair Door Armrest

Step 1

Remove the door panel. This is easier than you might think. Take off 3 panels which will reveal screws Remove 3 screws and you need to pull around the edges. Once you can reach inside, you’ll need to remove two cables on top.

Then there are 3 screws inside.. holding the door handle. And just like that, your entire door panel will come off. You should have 6 screws and 2 plastic pieces removed at this point.

Step 2

Remove the armrest from the door panel You will need to remove about 20 screws to get the handle and the armrest off You will also need to unplug the green cable for the window switch Right now would be a good time to swap out the interior lights too.

Here is new bright white LED bulbs. Just pull out the old one and plug in the new one.

Step 3

Remove the handle and the window switch Step 4, remove the original cover Rip the rubbery material off of the armrest.

I recommend keeping the fabric padding to use with your new cover There is a part on the armrest that has stitches. It’s a pain in the butt to remove these stitches and I think it’s ok to just keep these on. You won’t be able to feel the stitches once you put the replacement on top.

Step 4

Practice placing the cover on. Get to know how the cover fits. Make sure you have enough so it wraps around the edges. Once you spray the adhesive, it’ll be harder to experiment and adjust.

To make it easier and so it won’t move, I clamped one side down.

Step 5

Spray the adhesive and place the leather cover While one side was clamped down, I sprayed the other. Once you wrap the leather around the plastic, clamp it so you don’t have to hold it down until it dries. Once one side dries, you can repeat the step for the rest Make sure you pull the leather around so it has a tighter finish. Push out any bubbles. Clamp down the rest and let it sit until it dries. The result looks pretty good but I still need to do the window switch part. Do the same for the hole for the window switch

Step 7

That’s it! Now you just have to reverse the steps to put everything back together. Looks good as new or even better! I hope this video helped!.




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