Summer Car Interior Rapid Cooling Agent and Air Freshener

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Product Name: Rapid cooling agent in the car
Product capacity: 180ML
Shelf life: three years; production date see the bottom of the tank code


This product is suitable for rapid cooling in the hot and cold spaces such as the car after sun exposure.
It is rich in effective cooling factor, and it vaporizes rapidly after being sprayed, so as to absorb the heat of the air and the surface of the object to achieve a rapid cooling effect, and feel cool in an instant! The scent is elegant, so you can stay away from the heat and feel cool!


Shake the product before use; the nozzle sprays evenly over the entire area of ​​the car seat cushion, backrest, steering wheel and other high temperature parts;
If spraying on the human body, keep a distance of 30cm or more and do not spray the same part for a long time to prevent frostbite.
Spray it a second time as needed; keep the spout open after use. Please wipe the spout and close it tightly.


Avoid contact with children;
Avoid mixing with other cooling agents;
Do not spray directly on the window glass;
Do not spray directly onto the body of the vehicle;
Store below 50 °C, avoid direct sunlight;
If there is a white lotion in use, please wipe it with a clean damp cloth. The amount is too much, but the effect is not obvious.



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